Patty Cake Academy


"Not just a Daycare but a Learning Experience"


They bring their child to me
and hope I'll come to know.
How much the offspring means to them,
their trust in me bestowed.

They bring their child to me
with love, hope, and pride
looking for a helping hand,
a teacher who will guide......



Clap Song
100 Songs For Kids (Children's Songs)


I wouldn't trade my Patty Cake staff for anything in the world!....Adrienne Smoot

This is the best daycare ever... Wilo DeShields

I absolutely love love love this daycare!!... Did I say I love it?! My 3 year old has grown so much in this last year. I just wish I had found it sooner! .....Katara Marzette

Sooo thankful for such trustworthy, dependable indiviuals! The best daycare hands down where my Princess actually learn(ed) while still enjoying being a kid! Beyond the level of just being prepared for Kindergarten....... Shonteria Huggins

The best Patty Cake A woman can ask for all three centers and staff have served me for over 11 years now.... Princess Jolly

I have heard some very good things about PattyCake Academy@ Centerpoint......Gwen Rutledge Payne